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TechRice is a blog that offers sharp analysis of China tech, from startups to internet giants and angels to IPOs. We aim to create a community of techies in China and spur growth and innovation. We’re opinionated and transparent.
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TechRice is a labor of love for all of us, not a job. We’re very selective in the stories we write and almost never cover press releases.

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The TechRice Team

Kai Lukoff – Co-founder and Editor
Kai is the co-founder and editor of TechRice. His full-time job is as product manager of international for Wandoujia, an easy to get and manage content for Android phones. He is based in Zhongguancun Beijing, the “Silicon Valley” of China.
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Sunny Ye – Co-founder 
Sunny is a Chinese South African, studying and work in Shanghai, fanatic about all internet products. Professionally Sunny is a social media analyst focusing on online brand promotion solutions and sCRM, in free time he regularly produces and attends China social media events and ‘weibos’ about them. Sunny has a deep passion for the details of the Chinese internet.
Follow Sunny: Sina Weibo (新浪微博): @donsunny4666 | Twitter (@donsunny46664)

James Hopkins – Blogger
James Hopkins is an American working in global supplier development at Alibaba.com in Hangzhou, China. He hails from the humble state of Delaware and previously lived in the tech-heavy district of Nanshan in Shenzhen. He studied economics and literature at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. He enjoys trail-less hiking in the mountains of Western Zhejiang and Eastern Anhui and is a passionate observer of auspicious things.
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Bill Bishop – Adviser
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