As the Year of the Snake is nearly upon us, here’s a quick update for our TechRice readers.

First, the good news: we followed our resolution from last year to focus TechRice exclusively on analysis pieces. We published very few news pieces and zero press releases masquerading as news.

The bad news? We’ve posted far less this year, and barely at all the last few months.

What happened? Sunny and I (Kai) have have both gotten sucked into startup life, which leaves us little time to post. Here’s a quick update from each of our writers:

Kai Lukoff - 

Kai is still the product manager for international at Wandoujia, an Android app search engine and app store. He’s responsible for the international product there, SnapPea, which is one of many made-in-China apps working to gain traction outside of China. Expect to read more about mobile Internet and product design from Kai this year. He’s still based in Beijing.

Sunny Ye -

Sunny continues to work on his social data analytics startup, importing data mining and processing technologies from the financial industry into social media and digital marketing. He’s currently working in Shanghai at Infomorrow’s business center, while the company’s data center is hosted in Changsha with a local tech development team that manages application development, database maintenance and remote operations. In 2013, Sunny is hoping to diversify his business and work with partners with a technical focus beyond just his current marketing-heavy clients.

James Hopkins - 

James remains based at in Hangzhou, where he is focused on increasing the company’s footprint in Thailand and promoting e-commerce education and use among Thai exporters. James is also working closely on’s new Verified Membership product, which provides suppliers with a basic business verification and higher rankings in search results than free members. James hopes to get to more tech-related events in 2013 and locate a more reliable VPN.

Editor’s note: James has been a great addition to the core team this year, writing on topics from the expansion of Chinese Internet firms into SE Asia to hardcore social gaming.

Finally, for the second year in row, we nailed our TechRice prediction for Chinese Internet trend of the year. 2011 was Sina Weibo. 2012 was Weixin. We’re still weighing the contenders for 2013.

Your TechRice team,

Kai, Sunny, and James


Image source: Free Image Works

  • Andrea

    I’ll be interested to hear your prediction for 2013′s Chinese internet trend. Happy New Year Kai, Sunny and James. Thanks for sharing your insights.

  • Ben Sangree

    Always enjoy your posts here. Looking forward to following this site, and your respective startup projects, in 2013.