August 5th Update: This event has been indefinitely postponed to accomodate a stronger line up of speakers. We earlier had a Slideshare up here stating that it would be held August 26-27, 2011. We will add more as hear more.

The China Social and Mobile Summit takes place August 26-27 in Beijing [TBD]. I go to tons of conferences, but this was probably my favorite of 2010 (known as the China Social Games Summit then). It was a focused conference with insiders who were surprisingly candid.

It also drew a very international crowd and one that was there for more than observation or investment. Social games is also one of the most globalized industries on the Chinese internet, where cooperation between Chinese firms and foreign partners is more than just talk (though it is still mostly one-way as Chinese firms have gone abroad, but foreign firms have yet to have any real success in China).

See you there.

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  • guest

    Hi, I’m wondering if there is an official website for the summit that i can check out? 
    Thank you for your help.

    • Kai Lukoff

      hi- the event organizers let us know that this event has been postponed. we’ll share more as we find out.